CrossFit Afterburn – BURN 30

Metcon (No Measure)

Station 1 –

12 Jumping Lunges

12 Sumo to toes squat

:20 Resting Frog

Station 2 –

8/8 Goblet Planted foot lunges

8/8 Single KB Bent over Row

8/8 Assisted KB Waiter Press

Station 3 –

20 DeadLift

16 Box Jump or step up
7 Minutes per station with 3 minute break between stations

Station1 -control and carefull movement is the focus to warm up with bodyweight movemnts

Station2- We will be workoing moving moderate weight with control to elevate our heart rate and build strength. MOVE WITH CONTROL, fast movements ruin the stimulus

Station 3 -The intensity will pick up in this station. We will move a moderate to heavy weight and we will knock some fast ground to box