re we even dive into the “how” we should establish our “why”…

When it comes to delivering incredible results for our clients its starts with digging

down deeper than the surface level reasons why. Wanting to lose weight to look good in a bathing suit is nice and all, but it’s also the byproduct of getting healthier.

We know for a fact that the majority of people looking to start their transformation

journey have a deeper why. There are 3 reasons why people do things…

External Motivation – which is how they will look and present to others, how clothes fit.

Internal Motivation – which is how they will see themselves, improvement in health.

Philosophical Motivation – internal beliefs and mindsets. Excitement around gaining something or fear of losing something.

I want you to take a moment and write down your external, internal, & philosophical

motivations as to why you want to go through your transformation.

Once you’ve captured all three, in detail (lat out as specific as you can what your motivations are) you will then be able to start seeing the real driving force behind why you want to go through this transformation.

Now, write out your goal in the present, certain tense. “I am going to lose 40 lbs”

Now, set a deadline for that goal (if weight loss, account for about 1lbs per week if you were to be in our coaching program, if not, expect about 0.5lbs per week)



So, let’s talk about the fitness side of things.

If you’re looking to get started and start transforming your body you’re probably wondering what’s the perfect “magic formula”…

Is it… weight lifting?…interval training?… long, steady-state cardio?

The answer? (again, this is if you’re just getting started/beginner)…

It’s whatever you enjoy doing the most.

Crazy, right? Let’s break it down…

The reason why this is so simple is that people jump into programs, ready to “embrace the suck” only to do it for a few weeks and then to quit because they just don’t enjoy doing it.

So if you’re brand new and looking to get started – do what you love to do

Do more of it. Do it more often.

Then, once you start to build momentum in increasing your activity levels, once your energy levels start to increase, and you start to see your body transform – then you can start looking at what customized steps would be next.

So, I’m here to encourage you to start getting up, finding something you love to do, and be able to do more of it.

Track your activity levels (write them down) and then gradually increase week over week and watch how quickly you start progressing!


okay! Time to eat some food.

So what’s the magic formula when it comes to food?

Let’s make it really simple.

Protein – Carbs – Fats – and Veggies

Simplify your food choices. Have one of each food group at each meal, just 3 meals per day (generally speaking) and you should be just fine!

Protein – 4-6oz cooked: chicken, bison, pork tenderloin, egg whites

Carbs – 2-4 oz of: sweet potato, red potato, brown rice, white rice, berried, fruit

Fats – 1 TBSP of peanut butter, almond butter, coconut oil, cooking oil

Veggies – as many green veggies as you’d like!

If you can follow this layout this will help you clean up your food and watch how well your body responds and how much more energy you naturally have!


Consistency is key!

So, what makes a good accountability partner?

1 – they don’t leave you hangin’

Ever have the friend or family member that was going to be your gym buddy? Then after a little while it just kind of stopped? Yeah, that’s not what we’re looking for. What you want is someone who is going to be there with you every step of the way!

2 – they know their stuff

Nothing like being partnered with someone who sabotages you (intentional and unintentional). Most people mean to do things with a kind heart, but some just don’t know enough of the right things to make it worth while. Make sure you’re getting a coach/mentor/partner who is going to help you make the right decisions and strategically progress your plan!

3 – self accountability: create a plan, track it, make adjustments

One of the strongest assets you can have is recording your food, water intake, and your workouts. It helps hold you accountable and keeps a written history of what you’ve previously done. So if you know how to progress a plan the right way, you can use that information to gradually progress your plan! If you don’t then you should really hire an expert to help with that, someone who may have worked with a lot of people, someone who has been around the block, someone who knows the science, and someone who has an incredible track record in doing so (wink, wink)

*If you’re ready to start talking about your custom game plan that will put you on the fast track to success then give us a call ASAP!