CrossFit Afterburn – BURN 30


Warm-up (No Measure)

25ft line drills of the following ….

High Knees

Butt kickers

Walk on toes

Walk on heels

Walk on outside of the feet

Walk on the inside of the feet

High kicks


Metcon (Time)


100m Run [AC]

-Rest 1:00-

200m Run [Bus]

-Rest 1:00-

400m Run [1 Lap + Bus]

-Rest 1:00-

600m Run [2 Laps]

-Rest 1:00-

400m Run

-Rest 1:00-

200m Run

-Rest 1:00-

100m Run

-18:00 Hard Cap-
1. Land on the midfoot to the heel

2. Keep the shoulders in line with the hips

3. Pick up the feet! (We don’t want to shuffle along)

4. Pull the heels towards the butt; ankle up towards the knee joint

5. Create shorter, quicker strides with the feet