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Our Formula For Success
Nutrition + Accountability + Expert Coaching

It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, your age, or if you have never done Crossfit, there is a membership option for everyone! Our coaches and igniters will help narrow down the Afterburn membership that fits your goals, and lifestyle! You are the captain and we are simply your sailors helping you navigate towards your goals!

Let’s Ignite Your Fitness Journey

  • Accountability that will keep you honest and focused

  • Nutrition coaching where you eat a donut and still stay on track

  • Professional coaching that will keep you safe while accomplishing the unimaginable

Our programs are created, customized, and specific towards YOU.  You will have one of our Free Goal Setting Consultations + The Free Body Composition Analysis.  And one of our expert consultants will build an investment plan for your fitness goals based on what you say your needs and struggles are.

Lets Just Say That We Are Not As Cheap As Your Neighborhood Globo Gym… But We Guarantee Results!

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CrossFit Programs

We help everyone find the best way for them to invest in their fitness goals!

Afterburn Formula for Guaranteed Results

  • Nutrition coaching that allows you to eat what you like and accomplish your goals of toning, fat loss, and lean muscle.

  • Accountability that will keep you motivated and on track when you have obstacles in your way.

  • Coaching that will keep you safe, motivate you, and have you enjoying the experience of the workout.

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